Our promises

Rembrandt-Art is the place to buy Rembrandt prints online. We stand for high quality descriptions that provide certainty to our customers. Our three promises are:

  1. Certainty
    Rembrandt-Art provides quality descriptions, clear pictures and a condition report of each print that we offer for sale. Therefore, our customers know exactly what they buy.
  2. Authenticity
    Rembrandt-Art only sells authentic prints that were made before the year 1945. We provide a certificate of authenticity for each print we sell. This is our guarantee that the Rembrandt print you purchase, is according to the description we provide.
  3. Reliability
    Rembrandt-Art is a reliable art dealer. In the hypothetical case that one of our descriptions proves inaccurate, we offer you the unique possibility to return your purchase and receive a refund.

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