Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our contracts. They make clear what the respective rights and duties of you and Rembrandt-Art are.

The full General Terms and Conditions of Rembrandt-Art can be found here.

We have highlighted some of the main points for you:

About us

Paramaribostraat 2 A
2585 GN Den Haag
The Netherlands

Our collection

Rembrandt-Art only sells original prints, made before the year 1945. You can browse our collection via our website. We provide quality photos and descriptions of our products. They enable you to evaluate the products you are interested in. Our prices include VAT. Any extra costs, such as shipping costs are not included in the price.

In the unlikely case that you order a product that has already been sold, we will inform you as soon as possible.


Rembrandt-Art provides high quality descriptions. We provide a certificate of authenticity with every purchase. In the unlikely case that we have made an error in our description, you can return your purchase and receive back your purchase amount (without the shipping costs). This warranty is not limited to EU-consumers but applies to all our customers. In case you would like to use this warranty, please use the contact form.


Rembrandt-Art will only ship its products after we have received a full payment. You can pay online, whilst placing your order.

Shipment and insurance

Rembrandt-Art will ship your purchase after we have received a full payment. We always use high quality packaging. Rembrandt-Art cannot be held accountable for any damage and/or delay caused by the shipping company. We always use insured shipping. In the case a package gets lost or incurs damage, we will refund you. This refund is maximised to the amount you paid for your order. The full details can be read in our General Terms and Conditions.


Consumers living in the European Union (EU) have the right to return their purchase within 14 days. You are obliged to inform us via this form. You are responsible that the item returns to us in the original condition. The costs associated with the return are paid for by the customer. Once the item is received – in its original condition – by Rembrandt-Art, we will refund your purchase amount, minus our shipping costs.

Retention of Title

Rembrandt-Art remains the owner of the purchased items and has the right to reclaim the items purchased as long as the invoice has not been (fully) paid. This is also the case if the counterparty goes bankrupt or into liquidation. The Retention of Title (‘eigendomsvoorbehoud’) is a provision of Dutch Law.

In case a conflict arises

In the unlikely case a dispute arises, this is exclusively subject to Dutch law.